What is the treatment procedure of Chlamydia disease?

What is the treatment procedure of Chlamydia disease?

If you expect that you have Chlamydia, your doctor might need to test penile discharge, cervical or urine. In several cases of Chlamydia, the cure rate is around 95%. But most of the women do not understand that they have disease until it has caused severe difficulties like sexually active women below age 25, pelvic inflammatory disease and others at greater risk, which must be tested for Chlamydia once per year during their yearly pelvic exam, even if they do not have any symptoms. The best treatment to diagnose with Chlamydia is prescribed the oral antibiotics by the doctor.

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The single dose of taking doxycycline or azithromycin two times per day for seven to fourteen days is most common treatments for this disease. Now, you can easily get thisĀ chlamydia treatment online by getting these medicines. With this treatment method, the infection must clear up in around a week. However, you do not have sex for minimum seven days until you have taken your complete medication and also do not even avoid taking the antibiotics, even if you feel much better. In addition to, your doctor suggest that your partner will be treated too in order to stop reinfection and more spread of this disease.

How do you avoid Chlamydia?

In general, using a new female or male condom or dental dam you have sex each time is one of the greatest ways to safeguard against the Chlamydia. This disease can be usually passed on by sharing the sex toys. So, you should always wrap the sex toys with a new condom and also wash them thoroughly after the usage in order to minimize the risk of obtaining Chlamydia as well as other STIs. More essentially, it is necessary to test for Chlamydia regularly, if you do not even have any symptoms, particularly if you have had various sexual partners.

How the Chlamydia is treated?

Nowadays, the Chlamydia can be simply treated with a little course of antibiotics. You might be able to take the complete antibiotics in one day or one week based on the kind of treatment you are prescribed for. Once you are infected with this disease, you can easily get the chlamydia treatment online from the physician. They will give you antibiotics for specific time period. You can ask your healthcare professional, when it is safe to have sex again. It is essential to be noted that you do not have sex until you and your sexual partner have finished treatment completely.