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Does IPL hair removal treatment really works?

Does IPL hair removal treatment really works?

IPL, also known as intense pulsed light, is not an actual laser treatment method. In contrast to laser hair removal, a broad spectrum of light is used at different wavelengths. It means that there is more unfocused energy available for the hair and skin areas. Although the laser uses single light with a spectrum, best ipl hair removal Singapore uses multiple light spectrum, which means that the energy of the IPL is dissipated and consumes much less energy. The laser condenses the light, which is the only light that concentrates all the energy.

Work process of IPL:

For example, the wavelength (755 nm) means that 755 nm spectral light can penetrate the skin. The spectrum measures wavelength (nm). The main attraction of melanin is light. The wavelength is 755 nm, which is very suitable for hair removal. It indicates that the amount of light under the skin is as high as 532 nm. Red blood cells absorb this light the highest, so IPL is very effective in treating the appearance of superficial capillary rupture.

IPL or Laser:

IPL technology usually requires more sessions and can reduce hair loss. Compared to similar IPL products (because they have a built-in cooling system), the new laser technology we use in the clinic is more advanced, efficient, and less work. It can treat an extensive range of skin and hair types than IPL. Therefore, they use IPL for many purposes, such as rejuvenating the skin.

A skin expert believes that when people want to get rid of excess hair, IPL is the best choice. The use of a qualified laser therapist is effective for both laser and IPL. Both experts agree that it is vital to discuss your particular difficulties and skin type with your doctor to seek advice on the most effective measures.

Is laser costlier than IPL :

Prices vary by region or technology. Usually, IPL is cheaper than laser because it has lower results and requires a longer treatment time.

For example, True Laser charges eight laser hair removal sessions for frequently treated skin areas: 35 pounds for armpits, 50 pounds for Brazilians, and calves 75 pounds, men’s back and shoulders 115 pounds. For roadside clinics, the International Labor Laboratory (IPL) estimates that the arm will cost 40 pounds, the usual will cost 30 pounds, and the calf will cost 50 pounds.

Both lasers and best ipl hair removal Singapore uses light to heat hair follicles and prevent them from regenerating. Although the same energy can be obtained, not everyone uses the technology, and the main option is the light source used. You need to understand these two processes to determine which method of hair removal is best for you.