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How to take Kamagra kaufen – with water or milk?

How to take Kamagra kaufen – with water or milk?

Whether you have been taking the drug for the first time or some years, there are tips for taking the drug. Make sure whether you should take it with water or milk for better results. Certain foods can slow the process while some can fasten the process of the drug in the body. You have to decide which one is a better way of having Kamagra kaufen.

  1. Can this drug be taken with water?

Water is a great way of taking the drug. One of the common side effects is stomach upset and this effect can be quite bothersome to many men. When taken with water, the PED5 in the drug helps in smoothing the muscles for allowing blood to flow through the penis. When LES muscles relax, it can cause stomach acid to lead to the esophagus, etc.

Taking the drug with a full glass of water can cause faster reactions in the body. Just take the water at room temperature as hot water can dissolve the drug. Take the drug to at least half to a full glass of water for maximum results. These are OTC products you can’t take without consulting the doctor.

Kamagra kaufen

  1. Taking this drug with milk

There are no reports that prove that taking Kamagra kaufen with milk will have any kind of side effects. Whole milk has 8 grams of fat and taking high-fat items can cause stomach upset. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can take it with water only. Taking the drug with milk will not have any harmful side effects. But the body might react differently with milk as the case has been with water.

Reports of 2018 have proven that taking 50 mg of the dose along with nutritional drink leads to slower absorption of the drug and delayed in the emptying of the stomach.

For stopping some side effects, it’s best to avoid taking it with juices. Taking the drug after a heavy meal might delay the effect of the drug on the body. Fatty foods might also upset the stomach in the end. You can take the drug before 1 hour of sexual activity on empty stomach for better absorption.


The effectiveness of the drug has so many factors, depending on how you are taking the drug. Take it about 2 hours of doing sex and you will see maximum results. Best take it with water or you can also have it with milk or a light snack. Whole milk might lead to the effectiveness of the drug. But before taking the drug, consult with a doctor. If you are having any disease, you should know the side effects of taking the drug as well.