Importance of massage to body

Importance of massage to body

The origin of the hot stone massage is Hawaiians used the hot volcanic stones in the sweat lodges and as a massage tool, Indian sharmans for healing and in Chinese culture the hot stones were put on for relaxation and used for pressure massage.  Effect of the hot stone massage in Lexington, KY.

The elemental force of the stones is used in the hot stone massage. These have a calming and relaxing effect during heat treatment and massage and increase the metabolic process in the tissue. The immune system as well as the lymph flow are stimulated by the hot stone massage. In addition, muscle tension is released and pain is relieved. The excellent effect of the hot stone massage is reported especially on chronically cold hands and feet. The hot stone massage works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, releases energetic blockages and creates the basis for letting go and relaxing.

Procedure of the hot stone massage – placing the stones

 After the body or the part of the body to be massaged has been rubbed with pleasantly smelling, warm massage oil, the basalt stones, which are about 60 degrees Celsius, are placed on top. The masseur selects the size of the stones according to the energy centers so that the heat is particularly well absorbed by the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. Depending on the symptoms or the type of hot stone massage, the hot stones can be placed on the stomach, back, palms of the hands or between the toes. The warm basalt stones remain on the body. The masseur / masseuse increases the absorption of heat by applying gentle pressure and, if necessary, replaces the cooled stones with hot stones. This type of hot stone massage is the preparation for the actual massage. Which can now be enjoyed in a completely relaxed manner.

Procedure of the hot stone massage – hot stones as a massage tool

With this type of hot stone massage, after the hot stones have been allowed to act comfortably on the body, they are removed again. The massage begins with two warm stones. This can be done by stroking movements, circular movements and by selective pressure, depending on the part of the body and the degree of tension. The second variant to use the hot stones in the hot stone massage is the vibration massage. Here the hot stones remain on the energy centers and are regularly replaced by hot stones. The masseur taps the hot stones with a second stone, creating a vibration in the body that is felt to be very relaxing and beneficial.