Steroid Use – Safe or Hype?

Steroid Use – Safe or Hype?

     Is there such a thing as a “safe” steroid? The medical community and the sports community is still in an ongoing debate with this topic. After looking at tons of resources from the internet, one can say that steroids are just like any other drug or compound on the market. It is prone to misuse and abuse and the effects are largely dependent on the person using it and how it is used and administered. Injectables has its dangers, especially if shared. Using oral steroids will considerably be safer than injectables when considering shared needles. Some say, Buy human growth hormone America, for it is safer than steroids. However, HGH, or human growth hormone, is so much more expensive than steroids and so the latter is more widespread.

Although one might argue that NOT using them at all is the most effective way of building muscle, you would be hard pressed to find a puritan these days, now everyone wants fast muscle build ups and everyone wants to look good without actually working for it. Steroids offer faster results than your traditional exercises and they bulk up the body really fast in terms of muscle mass. It is very difficult to find solid and unbiased opinion regarding steroids because it is a multimillion dollar Industry. You can simply not trust anyone saying good things about it as they could be on the payroll of a company producing steroids. Having said that if you really want to go ahead and try steroids to achieve your dream body, here is a list of some factual items that concern steroids and its use.

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First up is that you have to realize that steroids are produced in the human body naturally in the form of testosterone, but is regulated and stops after some time such as after puberty. This would lead you to think that if it is found in our body naturally, what could be the danger then? Like any other substance, it can be abused and can lead to harmful side effects. That said we come into contact with the word, Sensible Bodybuilding which is actually, in my opinion, a balance of steroidal use to its barest minimum and workout. Steroids help with the absorption of protein and the effects (or side effects) vary with different people. There have been cases where bodybuilders use heavy cycles for decades with no or little side effects. And then there are those who use a minimal cycle and then end up extremely ill. Abuse of any substance will have bad effects and do not let your drive or your vanity kill you is all that I am saying. I think that it will help but nothing can take over sheer willpower and really knowing the science behind muscle building before taking the leap.