The Need of Giving Importance to Manage the Medical Wastes

The Need of Giving Importance to Manage the Medical Wastes

Medical waste is one of the very dangerous things that will become the reason for the new bacteria and viruses leading to new diseases. It is doubtful that, whether our world will bare another pandemic or not. Because in recent times there is huge medical waste are produced and in fact each and every human being responsible for the medical waste. This is not at all a local issue and this is one of the serious global issues in every country the problem faces how to dispose of medical waste. Proper medical waste management (gestión de residuos sanitarios) is needed to handle this.

Medical wastes are in any kind of state such that may be solid or liquid but whatever may contain some of the harmful species. Generally, these things will be the by-product of the hospital, health camps, nursing homes, etc. Actually, this medical waste contains human blood, tissues, drugs, and also discarded medicines, etc., Hence it is treated as the top most dangerous one for all kinds of people like healthcare workers and common people. So that the chances of delivering a lot of diseases that include AIDS, trauma, etc. To avoid this the best practices need to follow to manage the waste that is received from various sources.


If medical waste is not properly managed then it is much more difficult to avoid the dangerous diseases that spread around the places not only locally where that may spread all around the world. It is directly affecting the people who are in direct contact with waste management which will ruin their life. Hence it is more important that should dispose of and manage the waste properly.

How to manage medical waste? First and foremost thing is that this waste should not be exposed directly to the people and also the atmosphere. So that need to segregate this waste systematically. This segregation process is one of the effective processes in waste management which was implemented in many places.

To segregate the wastes the system allows to use the of various color codes. What are those? Let us see now.

  • Yellow: Used to segregate the anatomical waste of animals and humans.
  • Black: To segregate the solid chemical wastes and incineration ash
  • White: To segregate the sharp objects used in the treatment.
  • Blue: To segregate the Ampoules, vials, and also the implants used in the body parts.
  • Red: This is the color used on the bag to store recyclable things. Ex.: Gloves, Bottles, Tubes, Urine Bags, etc.

If we segregate the medical waste accordingly it will be much easy to process these to avoid unwanted complications.