Health care


The main motive of wearing a mask was only during surgeries or any medical procedures in the beginning of the medical field evolution. Later as the number of diseases got increased from time to time and now it is compulsory for each and every one to wear a mask as the environment globally got attacked with the pandemic virus by named covid19 which has turned the globe as mask globe it seems though funny but it has created a big problem to complete globe. As the world is now slowly getting back to resume the work few manufacturers of masks like LHM Medical are producing the masks which are very much perfect for the usage of whenever we go out and expose to the outer environment are prone to the infection zone it is very much compulsory for us to wear a mask and move out.

There are various types of masks which are available in the market but the mask which is very much valuable and used for all types of purposes is procedure face masks with earloops which are used in hospitals as well as in research centres as there will be many live viruses which are being experimented to find the vaccines and many medicines to cure those infections. These masks should be worn in all the public places, and the areas in which the infection are more.

Varieties of masks:

There are majorly 9 types of masks which are presently running in the market let us discuss about some of them in detail:

  1. Cotton masks are the normal masks which are worn by the public which usually protect us from the transmission of the virus from the infected person to uninfected person.
  2. Cotton mask with double layer is the second mask which has two-layer protection from the transmission.
  3. N95 masks are the most filtered mask which the infected person should wear so that the transmission would stop then and there and can be cured completely.
  4. Surgical disposable masks are the next very much protected masks so many doctors and medical helpers use these masks when they attend the infected patients and treat them.
  5. Normal kerchiefs are also used to cover the nose and mouth in order to protect ourselves from the infection, but it is not so secure to use these as they are less protected.

How ever wearing a mask would be little difficult all the time though it is necessary we should and must wear them until the pandemic ends.